Why Google Ad Words essential for B2B Organizations


It’s good to have a website, but without visitors your site will not serve much. To create traffic on your website, there are various levers such as natural referencing, affiliation, emailing, social networks, partnerships, etc…

However, Google Ad words Management Services (and sponsored links) are the marketing lever to focus on attracting new customers or prospects to your site.

A different marketing logic

I’m not afraid to say it: Google Ad words have revolutionized the world of marketing.

It is very simple. In classical marketing (e.g. television advertising, radio spots, press insertion, etc.), it is the B2B Organization that goes to its potential customers.

With Google Ad words, the logic is the opposite. It’s the potential customer coming to you.

Indeed, by typing his search on Google, the user clearly indicates what is his problem or need. For example, a surfer typing on Google’s “New York Table Purchase” clearly indicates that he is looking for a New York painting. So all Ad words ads that offer this product do not appear as intrusive ads, but rather as solutions to his problem.

A very strong reactivity

When you create your website, you want to have visitors as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, with most e-marketing levers this will not be the case.

For example, for natural referencing it will take weeks, or even months to see the first effects (and again, if the work was done well).

For social networks, it’s the same thing. Building a fan community of your products or services does not happen overnight. It will be necessary to be armed with patience.

On the other hand, thanks to Google Ad words, you will be able to have very quickly your first visitors. After creating your Ad words campaign, your ads will be visible after a few minutes.

Strategic visibility

As you know, Google is by far the # 1 search engine in France (with a market share of around 98%).

I will go even further by saying that for the vast majority of Internet users, their use of the internet systematically goes through a search on Google.

By showing your ads on the Google search engine you will be able to show your ads to many people. It’s as if you had a sign on a busy artery.

Highly targeted visibility

Admittedly, your ads are likely to reach a large number of people. However, the goal of the game is to succeed in reaching only the people who are likely to buy your products or services.

And here, Google Ad words are very powerful. First, by choosing the keywords of your campaign. You can only display your ads for keywords related to your products or services, which will prevent you from showing your ads to people who are not interested at all.

In addition to keywords, you can increase the smoothness of targeting by showing your ads only in the geographic areas you want, as well as during the hours or days you want.

Optimizations all-out!

If you advertise in a magazine, you will not be able to make changes once this magazine is published.

With Google Ad words, it’s just the opposite. You will be able to change many settings to constantly improve the performance of your campaigns. With the many statistics you’ll have access to, you’ll be able to find out what’s working and what’s not working, and make the necessary adjustments to improve the profitability of your campaign.

Google Ad words are a great lever to attract targeted visitors. And companies are not mistaken; most of them know that it is essential to have an Ad words campaign.

If you are not yet on Ad words, it is so much to seriously reconsider the question … because you are missing out on many customers or prospects!