Travelling With E – Cig


As you plan for the Christmas season, you may have a few inquiries regarding flying with e-cigarettes, how to bring your vaping gear on – broad and where it’s adequate to vape within the airport premises / during flight. Vaping has become a center of discussion in the main stream media as well, however, rules and regulation regarding vaping are rapidly changing.


Everybody realizes that long flights can be a daunting exercise to practice especially for those who are frequent flyers, so it’s great to have your vaping gear always around you to cater the urge for strike. Unfortunately, most air terminals only permit vaping within the smoking lounges.

Vaping gadget is allowed to be kept in hand – carry, yet make sure to mention it to air terminal security staff. Contrary to belief, you are also permitted to carry best tobacco e – liquids on – board with hand -carry luggage, however, not more than of 100 milliliters that is equivalent to 3.4 ounces. If you have higher quantity of e – liquid than the recommended one, then it is suggested to put the rest of e – liquid into checked luggage. 100 milliliters of e – liquid can be utilized easily over the period of seven days.

At Irish airplane terminals, you can vape in smoking lounges, however Heathrow air terminal is the first ever air terminal to open a vaping lounge, located at Terminal 4. In case you are flying in the United States, this guide may prove to be handy as it indicates which airplane terminals you can vape in.


A few nations permit public smoking (and in this way vaping) inside specific parameters; while some of the nations have prohibited it outrightly.

Presently 17 nations in the EU have smoke – free laws set up. A report by the European Commission highlights these laws: Among these, Hungary, Spain, Malta, Bulgaria, Greece, UK and Ireland have the strictest smoke – free smoke arrangements along with the total restriction on smoking in public spaces, public transport and work environments.

Vaping bar laws can be foggy, as vaping bars exist London, Belfast, Dublin with more to follow in different locations, so it is better to check your destination before you check – out.

Likewise with the greater part of Europe restricting smoking, that additionally implies that they’ll all have open air smoking and vaping territories. Moreover, a few bars in Europe and beyond have smoking zones inside.


In case if the supplies of vaping gadget or e – liquid are uncommon at the place of destination, It is always the best to stock up before you opt to travel. Keeping the worst scenario, if you mistakenly choose to travel without your vaping unit, don’t be panic! Keep in mind that VIP can be found in terminal 2 after clearing security. Then again you can shop before you fly on the loop site.