Whether you’re an avid adventurer in the world of online games or you’re stressed-out workaholic who’s just looking for an easy puzzle game to catch a break, the World Wide Web has it for your taste. This ranking will bring you the hottest games that you can just find and start playing at an online gaming site near you. So don’t think online games are just for kids. Develop your brain with intricate puzzles or prove your bravery fighting the bad guys. Or be the best at sports. You name it, this selection of games includes action, arcade, adventure, sports, puzzles, role playing games and everything you need for a fun time. Let’s see, top ten free online games as –

  1. Bloons TD 5

If you have the patience, this strategy game is right for you. The concept is simple: monkeys popping balloons with darts. Wait, you thought that was all? No, it evolves: as the balloons travel through the road, you have to place the monkeys at strategic locations so their darts get more and more effective. And is not just darts, actually. You´ll find out it’s a lot more.

  1. 8 Ball quickfire pool

Who doesn´t like a quick game of pool? Well, you’ll love this online version. Show you’re the king of the table by putting all balls through the gaps by hitting them with your stick. Practice you accuracy and beat you opponents with the best shots. Don’t forget to save ball 8 for last!

  1. Hong Kong Ninja

Remember the 90’s and the street beat-em-up games like Double Dragon? Relive that era with Hong Kong Ninja! With kick-ass characters and plenty of the best fighting moves, don’t give the bad guys any chance. Remember there’s lots of stuff in the street to thrash which gives you many juicy power-ups.

  1. You don’t know Jack

Think you’re a pop culture genius? This trivia game is your chance to prove it. Music, movies, books, you name it. This is the chance to prove how much you know. I you ever thought answering questions was dull or boring then think again, because You don’t know Jack will keep you glued in and always wanting more!

  1. Army Attack

What would you do if war breaks out…. in your own backyard? Army Attack gives you a serious chance to find out. Assemble your army including tanks, planes, ships and infantry and take on the biggest militias in the world. Remember that blowing up stuff demands strategy and you need to reduce your casualties as much as you can!

  1. Turbo Racing 2

There can’t be a videogame ranking without a good ol’ racing game, could be? Turbo Racing 2 gives you pure, simple, and fun racing. Drive faster than the other cars and reach the checkpoints in time to keep on running and be careful, because the dirtbags racing against you will try to knock you out of the race as soon as they can.

  1. Sim City Social

Building and running cities is one of best therapies all around. You should try it if you haven’t. And with the Facebook version of the award-winning EA city simulator, there is nothing like doing it with your friends. Be the mayor; build the nicest roads, neighborhoods and everything you can think of.

  1. Angry Birds Friends

If you just can’t get enough of the universally famous bird projectiles, the Facebook version has it packaged on an “all you can enjoy” way. Be it Rio, Seasons, Space or the classic Angry Birds its all there waiting for you with your favorite flying maniacs and even the mighty eagle!

  1. The Sims Social

It’s one thing to build beautiful cities, but with the Facebook version of The Sims what you create are people and their personalities. Make your character at your own image or have fun making different ones. Let them have jobs, fun and a love life. And trust us, playing the Sims will even help you understanding your girlfriend!

  1. Marvel Avengers Alliance

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe then this is where is at. All your favorite heroes are here and when we say all, we really mean it. Complete quests and recruit all heroes until you assemble the ultimate Avengers hero team. And be ready, because the villains will be expecting you.

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