Things That You Need In Your Storm Shelter


There are many areas and cities where a storm is a very common occurrence. However, no matter how common or how regular a storm in anywhere is, people should always take the precautionary measures to protect themselves in such conditions. Storms can turn ugly very soon and there is not much people can do about stopping it. We can only plan ahead and try to find shelter for ourselves and our families. You never know for how long the storm will stay so it is necessary to have some plan. There are often storms that can completely rip off your whole house and destroy each and every single thing in its way. So if you think you will be safe on your house’s basement, you will not. You need something that will offer you better protection.

This is why people invest in a tornado shelter or a storm shelter. These shelters are built to protect people from storms. They are designed in a way that you will not be blown away along with your house in the storm. Some storm shelters or tornado shelters are above ground and some storm shelters are above ground. However, if you invest in these tornadoes shelter rooms, you and your family will stay safe during the storm.

There are some things that you must have in your storm shelter so that even if you are trapped there for days you do not suffer dehydration Etc.

Food and water:

It is necessary that you have some storage of food and water so that when you are trapped there you have food for yourself and your family. Canned food and water bottles are a safe choice to have. They won’t go wrong and will also keep you sated.


Batteries for your phone, your torch as well as for your emergency light are a must have necessity in your storm shelter or tornado shelter. Emergency Light Batteries can help you in the dark of the shelter house of there is no other means of light. Some people keep matchsticks and candles as well. But the emergency light batteries are the best option.

First aid box:

When you have kids as well as adults in the small storm shelter, there are bound to be some small accidents. For example a small cut on the finger or a small bruise on the knee Etc. For this purpose and others, it is necessary to have a medical aid box or a first aid box with you at all times. You won’t be able to go out in the storm to get a bandage or some alcohol wipes. So it is necessary to have a well, functional first aid box with you in the storm shelter room.

Spare clothes:

It can be that you have to stay a week or even longer in the storm shelter room. That means for a week or more you have to stay confined in one room. Having a spare change of clothes can offer you comfort and ease as well. As you cannot possibly go out and take a shower, this is the next best thing.

All in all, having a storm shelter is a once in a lifetime investment. It will come in handy whenever you are under such a natural calamity.