TheOneSpy Review – Best Spy Software for Personal Computers

TheOneSpy is a cross-platform computer monitoring software intended for employers and parents to supervise the activities of workforce and children performed on MAC and Windows computers. The computer tracking software enables entrepreneurs to monitor employee performance; boost productivity; monitor and manage internet access; eliminate workplace distractions and protect company data and assets. Parents can take the support of the software to monitor internet and computer use of their children to prevent them from exposing to sexually explicit content and potential online dangers. The app is installed on the computer devices which are aimed to be monitored and operated through an online account that can be accessed from any device providing the confidential credentials.

Core Feature of the Spy Software

The computer surveillance software offers a wide range of features to monitor the computer use of kids and employees. We have put down the main feature of the app to give you an insight of it.

Track Internet Use

The uncontrolled internet access prompts the employees to use the facility for personal and entertainment purposes rather than for productive use. Majority of workers use the company internet for watching their favorite online videos, updating their social media accounts or doing online shopping. The monitoring software lets employers monitor the internet use of employees and get the detailed report on it. You can see what websites your workers are visiting, when and for how many times.

Website Blocking

As well as monitoring, you can control the internet access and restrict employers from visiting inappropriate or unnecessary websites. The Mac monitoring software lets you block the unwanted websites by URL or keywords. Parents can utilize this feature to prevent kids from intentionally or accidentally exposing to sexually explicit stuff.


Keyloggers are the strokes that are applied to the keyboard of a computer system. The spy software accesses the keystrokes the employees or children apply on their computer systems including the keystrokes of passwords, usernames and email addresses. These keystrokes can be used to log into the online accounts operated on the monitored device to get clues of the misconduct.

Email Monitoring

All the incoming and outgoing emails of your workers and children could be monitored with the spy app. You can see who has sent or received an email from your target, what is the subject of the email, and the time of that negotiation. It includes the emails exchanged via Gmail.

Screen Recording

Whatever appears on the Mac screen can be recorded in real-time or on demand. If your worker is consistently engaged in unproductive activities on the computer, the screen recording helps you track their activities recording their computer screens. If your employee is transferring the sensitive company data to a competitor, watching a movie, playing a game, chatting with peers, harassing subordinates or whatsoever, the screen recording feature can show you everything.

Listen to Surroundings

There is a Bugging feature that lets you create the MIC bug on target MAC device and listen to the surrounding voices and sounds. You can remotely turn on the microphone of your workers’ computers and can listen to what they are speaking about. This helps you eliminate workplace gossips and bullying.

Record Surrounding Scenes

This feature is quite similar to the MIC bug feature as it allows you to monitor the surroundings of the target device. You can turn on the camera of the monitored device and see what is happening around. This is more efficient than the security cameras commonly used in the workplace for monitoring purposes. It is like setting a separate monitoring camera on each employee to prevent from being unproductive, lethargic and disloyal.

User Preferences

The spy app lets you choose the features of your own choice and set preferences for monitoring. For example, if you do not want the app to access the keystrokes, you can turn the keystroke feature off.


  • The MAC monitoring software is compatible with MacBook, iMac and Mac Mini running macOS version equal and above 10.5.
  • The Windows tracking software is compatible with Dell, Samsung, HP, Sony and LG computers running Windows OS version 7,8 and 10.


  • Mac monitoring software is priced at $25 for a month and $75 for the yearly subscription.
  • Windows monitoring software is priced at $20 for one month and $50 for the yearly subscription.


TheOneSpy is inexpensive and secure tracking software for personal computers running Windows and Mac operating system. It provides a complete spying solution to businessmen and parents who do not need top-notch monitoring software.