They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, well they are quite right about that. In a similar manner, the beauty of a website lies in the eyes of the user you might say. Well, of course, this is also true.

So, what is your responsibility as a website designer?

Well, first and foremost to understand the mindset of the user. And then work out a website design that really does the trick.

A good website design is a blessing.

If you’re starting a design that really works out, you will have to do less leg work in the later days.

Here are some killer tips that can help novice website designers to give the right first impression.

  • Purpose

Start with a clear purpose in mind. You might have heard it, or not. But if you really want to design a website that is appreciated by designers, you need to start with a clear purpose in mind. Why are you designing the website? What is the purpose of the design? What is the audience of your design?

If you’re able to answer these questions right from the start, you will be able to make an effective website design.

These are the questions only you can answer.

Take out a pen and paper and get to work!

  • Communication

Once you’re done with the purpose, next up is the communication.

Okay, you know what you want, but now how will you put that into your design?

Well, this is not the hard part. The hard part is already over. This is a brainstorming part.

It is a fun part where you will have to be creative. You will have to figure out what you really want from your design.

  • Typography

Next, comes the fonts. “You might put the right content out there, but if the font is not right, it won’t help even an ounce.” The owner, Web Design Auckland agency.

This is my friend talking about his first venture.

He started with a good design but nothing was happening. So, he changed the font type of the website.

Wallah, it all went great. You can start with something easy and see how the audience reacts of your design.

I the response is good, you can try out different things.

  • Colors

A good design is all about the right colors. You need to have reasonable consideration for the colors of your website.

Ensure that the background makes it a good first impression.

No need to try something totally different.

There are designs out there that are already working. Study their design and see what is working for them?

  • Images

The right images will boost your conversion leads.

Of course, you need to use human images. Images that people can relate to.

If you use stock photos that won’t do any good. Everyone knows about it. But if you use images that people can relate to, it will be a great change.

People can actually learn a thing or two from it.

To conclude it all. You need to have a design that really matters. You need to put something of value out there. Start with something basic and move towards your way up to something really advanced.