The Important Elements of Blogging &Content Marketing


With businesses battling each other for customer leads and conventional publishers competing against bloggers for page views, today’s modern content development should be as much about analytics as it is about themes, topics, and delivery.

More often than not, online business owners incorrectly assume that these list of things will automatically profit their brand:

The greater the content’s depth, the more captivating it will be to various search engines.

The more number of content they share, the more organic reach they will gain from social networks.

The more time spent on optimizing content for visibility, the better chances for people andsearch engine to find it.

In other words, they would spend most of their time in researching and creating numerous content, hit “post” and start the process all over again. Don’t get me wrong, those things can really help you gain visibility, but it’s not the only factor you should focus on.

Randomly writing and releasing alone renders little value to your business, and even less insight on how to avoid previous misses or repeat successes. However, there’s a way to turn this all around and it starts with these elements: The 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why) and 1 H (How).

Applying these elements to the analysis and creation of various content can turn your efforts into profits.

  1. Who

When planning out on content ideas, you should first define your target audience as who it is that your products or serviceswould most relate to. From there, develop numerous content to match your audience’s interests and/or needs.

You should also understand the importance of getting to know your online visitors. For instance, upon gathering enough data, you found out that the majority of your readers or visitors are those without purchasing power. You should then adjust the type of content you create to target that specific demographic as you see fit.

  1. What

One of the most popular content metrics is page views, as it indicates what people are reading most of the time. If you want more detailed reports like the ones who can provide heat maps that can show you what the users are clicking on any given page, there are some programs that can provide on-page interaction events.

These programs will show you different areas that people clicked on a page, such as a call-to-action click or a link click. Sitecore, for instance, shows insights on what customers have opened, viewed, clicked through and bought.

  • When

Knowing when people actually click through a social link, readblogs, and browse the internet can greatly help businesses produce and distribute content at a certain time that it is most likely to be viewed. So by the time they’re online, your content is still new, like a freshly baked cookie waiting to be consumed.

  1. Where

Tracking where your readers/visitors are coming from (source, device, channel) and where they go after they’ve read your content (read more, download, subscribe) is vital to considering the type of content that will be effective and easily understood by your readers.

  1. Why

Getting to knowyour audience (who they are, what they’re reading, when they’re engaging and where they’re coming from) can all help piece together the “Why”. By then, the information you’ve gathered can answer your audience’s questions or provide their needs, and it can be distributed to them at a certain time they’re most likely to read it.

  1. How

To make a profit with blogging and content marketing, you should prove to your readers that you can actually help them. That’s the only thing that can boost your conversion rate. Remember, no matter how you elaborate that your business is number one, people would not take your word for it.

However, when you produce content that are engaging, relevant, and relatable to your readers, you’ll then realize that more and more of them are actually converting. Some of them may even be your loyal customers (if you offer products and/or services)!

SEOs and Web Design London sites highly suggests to modify your strategies in content marketing and blogging by utilizing these elements. Not only does it make your site visible to more people, but it also drives in more profit.


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