Restore Deleted or Lost Files in Your Flash Drive

Important missing files or data will surely disrupt your work and activities. Especially if the important files or data we need to do it, do not need to panic, we will not be able to find the solution.

So the solution I can use for media storage, with one condition, that is must use computer media. Why use a computer to restore deleted or lost files? Because I will give 2 ways to restore your lost files or data in your flash drive by using software from SALVAGEDATA and using the available application from windows that is Command Prompt. You can visit this “page” to find relevant information about data recovery.

The first check is whether the file or data is lost caused by a virus.

This is the first way to detect whether the files on the flash drive are erased or loss caused by a virus or not, follow the following ways.

Press the Windows key on the keyboard along with the letter E (Windows + E).

Login or select the drive where the flash drive where you save your files or data to make sure your file or data is lost on your flash drive. Then if your data or file is lost, you right-click on your flash drive and select properties menu, you notice the information on your properties tab, if the used spaces are not empty or your flash drive has data stored but can not be found, in the flash is lost by the virus.

Hidden Folder.

This first step is just to ascertain whether the file or data that is in the flash drive or in other storage media including files or data hidden by the system. To find out how to know that your file or data is hidden because the system follows the steps below.

Press the Windows key on the keyboard while pressing the letter E (Windows + E).

Click Flash Drive where you save your file or data.

Right-click on the folder where you saved your file or data and select it.

Then you see in the menu in the top dashboard, you select “view” then “option”.

In the “option folder” menu you select the “view” menu and select the “hidden files and folders”

Finally, you select the menu “show hidden files, folders, and drives”

Click Apply and Ok.

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View the contents of your flash drive, whether or not we will use Command Prompt to restore deleted/lost files.

If your data or file is permanently lost, I suggest you use software from SALVAGEDATA, a professional company that specifically works in the field of return and guarantee of the file or data security. Recovery of broken usb flash drive data recovery by deletion or due to viruses causing your files or data to be permanently lost can be recovered by using software from SALVAGEDATA. This program is useful for recovering data from a damaged flash drive, as well as from other storage media. Although your data lost because of the system, lost because of the virus or lost because erased. This program is able to restore all your files and data with 100% data back guarantee. You may also consult SALVAGEDATA to keep your data or files secure.