Receiving online message is a privilege given by digital world


As modern era is an era of science and internet. Everything is being mobilized nowadays with the use of technology. Now your commerce and business are online. You are paying your bills online even your transportation system is online now. Then how your means of communication can be traditional? Now you can receive the message online it requires a set-up you need to fulfill these requirements. After accomplishing these requirements you can receive online SMS.

  • Choose your country
  • Choose a number
  • Click the number to view a message

After on log-in, you can receive free messages:

You just need to log in to a site to have free messages online. There is no hard and fast rule for log in there is just simple format mentioned above. However, certain privileges are provided to subscribers:

Globally re-known:

All of our members can receive message globally regardless of the location where they are. Even if the sender from other countries still you can receive online SMS. If you find any problem in receiving messages then you need to check your location and number.

Service is free of cost:

Service is totally free no subscription fee. A reliable service is given to you without charging any money. You can enjoy SMS service without any charges.

There is no limitation for you:

First, you need to send a message for activation. You also need to give your information your personal information is required for verification. After verification, you can use the service and there is no limitation for you in sending or receiving messages. You can send messages without having any limit in your mind.  This service is very credible.

Member’s privacy is the first choice:

Many companies take the personal data of the member and use this information for the stability and sustainability of their applications. But member personal data must be given primary importance. Privacy is always important and we give importance to the privacy of the members. We keep all the information private even your number too.  We use a secure system to present our content than the personal information of members.

Message display is temporary:

Message display is totally temporary after 24 hours it is automatically deleted from your history. And your old messages are being replaced with new ones. We try our best to display receive online SMS within a minute so you can watch it and be acknowledged.