Original GPTOYS Luctan S912 RC car Review


S912 has soft short span tires with style.  The tread pattern appears tough but provides a lot of traction for pretty much any sort of terrain out of dirt and gravel to pavement.

I had a blast I jumped at the chance to reassess the S911.  From pictures the 2 trucks look different due to the wheels that are larger, and canopy.  I believe many will be amazed to know that both trucks do reveal a great deal of the pieces.

Low power security, with cost voltage protection, overheating protection!

Prepared to operate and no assembly required.

Shock absortion and collision avoidance layout!

Colour: blue

As info on the S912 are seen in my review in this review I’ll be heading over the   S911.

Perfect present for child and both adults!

Control space: over 80 meters

Run time: roughly 10-15 mintues

Time: about 120 mintues

Transmitter: two rate, 2.4 GHz 2CH turn

Weight: 1032g

Dimensions (auto): 340 * 267 * 126mm

This item includes a complete ratio 1/12 scale speed off-road vehicle, outfitted with a 2.4GHz radio platform prepared to RC Car race, two-wheel driveway system and shock absorption and collision avoidance layout, and separate alloy differential, which could steadily move forward and backward, turn right and left.  Your operating that is true also increases.  More info about the item, please consult with the guide that is English.

Electricity: 9.6 battery

Suspension technologies for control and handling!

Brand title: GPTOYS

The S911 continues to be very common, and was out for a while now. The experts in this instance, its my own estimation outweigh the disadvantages.

Capacity you expect from posture and quality is offered in off road operation.

2.4G technology behind high-speed automobiles racing concurrently, a variety of remote management of approximately 80-100 meters.

Battery for control: 2 * AA battery (not included)

Material: nylon substance

Wheelbase: 210mm