Latest News about Vending Machines

Tech is known for its large scale sale of used and refurbished vending machines and spare parts but apart from that, it keeps you update about what happening around the world in the mentioned industry.

Below is some important news, happened in vending machine technologies. 

  • Le Bread Xpress, an automatic micro-bakery, cooks, stores and delivers fresh hot baguettes on demand. Two machines have already been installed in San Francisco, Calif., and three more are in the process, according to the company. The machine can deliver warm baguettes in 10 seconds and can store up to 120 baguettes. (Daily Telegraph)
  • Coca Cola Co. will soon introduce a new app that will allow customers to order beverages for two people at one time from vending machines. Greg Chambers, the company’s global director of innovation, announced the app at MobileBeat 2017, according to VentureBeat.

New circuitry powers the way the hardware works with the app, Chambers said. He said the app will be introduced at U.S. universities and sites in Australia and New Zealand. (The Routers) 

  • Azkoyen USA and Southeastern Vending Services, both based in Charlotte, N.C. have announced a partnership for a machine and parts distribution, as well as technical services, spanning Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and eastern Tennessee.

Southeastern Vending Services repairs mechanical components of vending and OCS equipment, including companies such as USI, Crane, Newco, and MEI. The partnership with Azkoyen USA allows Southeastern Vending Services to maintain its core base of business while expanding into the emerging bean-to-cup trend in the OCS channel. (The Journal)

  • N&W Global Vending and Cafection Enterprises have entered a joint venture to manufacture and sell premium coffee machines for the North American office coffee service market and for the development of sales in other countries.

N&W and François Baron, owner of Cafection, have agreed to create a joint venture that will acquire 100 percent of Cafection and include access to N&W’s capabilities. N&W will own a 67 percent stake in the joint venture, while Baron will retain 33 percent and become CEO. The joint venture will continue with the “Cafection” brand and will be based in Quebec City.

Cafection was founded in 1996 and has been manufacturing coffee machines for more than 20 years. The company has approximately 100 employees and distributes its lines of premium OCS coffee machines to more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. (The Journal)

  • The Microtronic US has introduced a transfer station designed for vending operators using legacy Debitek stored-value payment systems. The device permits balances on Debitek cards to be transferred to Microtronic’s payment media.
  • The transfer station represents a mature stored-value technology that easily can replace Debitek end-of-life installations.
  • Microtronic offers cashless payment options for applications ranging from vending and micro market operations through the self-service laundry, photocopying and other unattended points of sale. Its vending interface is widely used in jail systems, while its micro market options include interfacing with single-cup coffee brewing and bag-in-box fountain soft drink dispensing. It integrates readily with contemporary retail automation solutions. (The Journal)

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