Is Your Office as Productive as Possible? Here’s What You Need to Know


If you’re an office manager or team leader at a company office, you don’t just have to worry about creating effective schedules, managing team squabbles, or organizing the office holiday party. No, your job extends beyond all of that because as a manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure that everyone is working effectively and productively. You have to make sure your employees are comfortable, educated, and equipped with the technology and equipment to do their job correctly. If you’ve noticed that your employee productivity isn’t what it should be, there are a few things you need to know.

First, talk with your employees. Open up a dialogue. Never threaten your employees in order to motivate them. Instead, have a discussion and find out if there’s a reason your team is struggling to be productive. Are they having a hard time emotionally? Is there a physical cause as to why they can’t perform as well? There are many factors that can impact your team members, so make sure you talk with them before implementing any changes.

Next, equip your team with the best software and technology possible. Could your employees benefit from something like voicescribe? Could they use new computer software? Do they need new anti-virus software? Find out what items your team is using and how you can improve their tools. You may find that improving the equipment your team uses can not only help them to be more productive, but to feel more motivated, as well.

Finally, always implement changes at a reasonable pace. Never rush into work one day and demand that your entire office change the way it works. Instead, communicate openly and slowly integrate new policies and update equipment. Understand that your team will have a learning curve. Even the best, brightest employees will need time to adjust to new changes, policies, and tools. Do your best to be patient as your team learns how to move forward with their new equipment. Most of all, remember that it’s possible to move your team forward in a positive, encouraging way.