Getting the Gear You Need to Stay on Task


The work you carry out everyday may take its toll on the equipment you use.  After a few months of use, gear like your drywall cart, flatbed trolleys, and paint mixer might need to be repaired or upgraded.  Rather than toss out the equipment entirely, you can buy replacement parts that help all of your carts and trolleys work like new.  You can shop for the parts you need online today.

Cart Casters and More

The casters are often the parts that wear out the fastest.  In fact, the ones fit on new carts may be designed to last a matter of months but not longer than a year.  While at first the cart may work well, it could start jerking, tilting, and failing to turn corners after just a few months of use.  Instead of demanding a new cart from the manufacturer or throwing out the cart entirely, you can get it back in working order by replacing the casters at the bottom of the cart itself.

The kind of casters you choose can complement the size, weight limit, and overall use of the cart. For example, if you have a small cart that you use for light objects like cleanup towels or brushes, you may not need heavy duty casters that are thick and made out of the sturdiest of material.  Instead, you could get by with choosing a lighter and thinner caster that can bear small weight amounts and still turn corners and keep the cart upright as needed.

However, if you use your cart for transporting heavy work gear like trowels, shovels, and other big items, you may need a caster that can tolerate that amount of weight.  The thicker and sturdier casters are designed to fit onto large carts that are used in rough and rugged construction conditions.  The new casters will let you carry out your work without having to stain yourself to pull the cart or pick up the equipment if the cart spills.

Pricing and Ordering

All of the prices for the casters are available on the website.  You can specify the number of each model that you need and have the order shipped directly to you at home or work.

The smallest of parts make the biggest of differences in your line of work.  Keep your equipment in good working order by ordering replacement parts online.