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Chinese formulas and maternity care stocks have advanced stocks after advanced, which may be present in the children’s family, however, resulting in a decrease in childhood because the baby is not possible.

Shanghai Aungangshi Company Limited of the Maternity Equipment increased by a 10% daily limit, and Boomate Children and Child Food Company Limited in China’s stock markets plunged 1.40% in Shenzhen. Guangdong Qunxing Toys Joint Stock Company Limited increased by 2.85 percent, and the engineer Jiangbo David Medical Device increased 7.87 percent. Halon Piano Co. Ltd. was also pleased to promote piano makers with the growth of 2.97 percent and the development of Ganjo Pearl River Piano Group Company Limited 1.55%.

“The removal of birth boundaries will not be brought about by the boom, so it is a potential commercial business that will not last for a long time.”

China’s cabinet looks at it that if the country will overwhelm nearly four decades of old policy, then those who emphasize being incomplete when talking about government-related talks. The country is facing a rapidly growing population and its family planning policies have to deal with foreign criticism.

Beijing Shanghai’s overall index was slightly changed at 3,214.35, and big hat CSI 300 index was 0.38% to 3,906.21. Bloomberg News.

On Tuesday, May 22, Hong Kong’s Mangalore was closed for a general holiday.


Australian S & P / SSS X 200 increased on Wednesday (May 23) by 0.19% to 6,053.50. Reuters reported that the index hit the fourth session on Tuesday (May 22), which lost 0.70% to 6,041.87. “Big four” banks across the country, after entering into the Royal Committee inquiry into the allegation of corruption, banks to the banks. Rose only for the real estate day, by 0.14%. Finance sector reserves have dropped 0.72 percent with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (-1.59%). West Pack Banking Corporation and the National Australia Bank Limited schedule 0.80 percent and 0.62 percent respectively. However, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia increased by 0.23 percent.

Meanwhile, Sanutes Limited finalized the Harbor Energy Limited USD10.9b and announced to be rejected, its proposal was very low and very dangerous. Australia’s Oil and Gas producer Tuesday decided to cancel its proposal unanimously by its permanent director, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer on Tuesday, and as well as complicated And had high risk. Oil prices and shares of oil have increased by 14 percent and 18 percent in Australia, Sunnas said.

Harbor Energy said in a statement that it was disappointed in the decision, and criticized the failure of Santos and its board criticism. Confirming the United States based Harbor’s second-ever offer since November, Santos said that this board has assured that 2016 in 2016, Chief Executive Officer Kevin Gauffer had to end the net debt up to USD2b USD USD2b next year. Take Started in 2016. The company based on the adelaide told that the current oil prices have more than a year before the schedule. Santos shares increased 1.26 percent on Tuesday. Bloomberg News.

The South Korean Caspian Index flared open open open 0.06% 2,464.16 Wednesday. Country markets were closed on Tuesday for public holidays.

Some Bank of Korea (BTT) surveillance are raising low confidence that the central bank will increase the rate of interest in the coming month. Governor Lee Jul last week (ended May 18) said that the economy is difficult to expect, with regards to the creation of weak jobs as anxiety. President Mamon JE’s senior economist’s advisor has warned that the economy would probably enter such an error.

Worried about the latest economic data. Inflation is below 2% target. In April, the first time the contract was contracted before 2016 and the job creation was less than the third one year ago. The decline in industrial production decreased in March. Bloomberg News.

The DBS Group Research believes that the BJP is not converted at 1.50% tonight this Friday. The central bank’s challenge is the rise in inflation during the current rise in global oil prices. The DBS is expected to increase the BOK 25 BP rate in 3Q because inflation is more than 1.5% and the actual policy rate is negative. This proves that due to the commercial tension between the US and China, the short-term growth point of view will not be serious, and oil prices increase.

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