Video Marketing Strategies for 2018 to Keep an Eye On


Video has never been as important as content as in 2018. It’s the foremost type of content when it comes to marketing on both desktops as well as mobile devices. Moving beyond 2018, companies will have to find ways to enhance video content with SEO and other techniques to attract traffic. Most brands will be producing new video content for 2018 marketing plans. Here are several tips on how to optimize such video content:

Add Targeted Keywords to the Descriptions

Filling out a description of a video is essential when it comes to SEO. Using a highly targeted keyword or two in this description is necessary to improve the discoverability of the video. It’s important to thoroughly research the keywords that will be used. Hire a local SEO expert like to find local, targeted keywords that best suit your overall marketing mission.

Create Catchy Headlines

Just like with text articles, a catchy headline can attract attention towards a video. Therefore, spend some time creating headlines and subheads for the video. Use a keyword or two if possible. When using a keyword, make sure the final product sounds organic and not at all awkward. Try to make the headlines sound attractive, but don’t be misleading, however.

Use a Great Thumbnail

Ever notice the little picture that usually accompanies video search results? You are not the only who has spotted this little picture. Use an attractive thumbnail picture that teases a great performance with the video. It may be a little thing, but an intriguing thumbnail can prompt users to click when your video is listed among dozens of other videos.

Offer a Transcription with Content

One of the greatest challenges of optimizing video content is finding out how to do so with limited amounts of text. Therefore, consider offering a transcription of the video, which may include certain hot keywords. Unlike the video images, transcriptions are searchable. The right keywords may make it possible for search engines to index video transcriptions.

Upload to Multiple Video Sites

Don’t limit video uploads to your social media networks only. Upload the video to as many sites as possible to increase the chance getting views. Of course, the video will have to be made of high production quality to be posted at multiple places.

Get Influencers to Share the Video

The easiest way to get a video trending on social media is to get influencers to share the video. The influencers don’t have to be major celebrities. Micro influencers who work with small circles are great for creating buzz surrounding the video.

Add Live Video

Thanks to social networks like Facebook, live video is on the rise. Take advantage of this trend by trying a live video program or two. Facebook is the best platform but you can consider other social networks as well. Live video is a subcategory of video that can do wonders for SEO for many brands.

Use the above tactics to improve brand awareness with video content. Make sure your tactics are overseen by an SEO expert.