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If you are looking for some good noise isolating headphones then you can try out from various brands like Monoprice headphones. Here is some of the best noise isolating headphones that you can try out

Noise isolating headphones is a great option onver noise cancelling headphones. The best thing about them is that you would not need any kind of microphone or audio processor as it prevents sound waves from hitting the ear drum. You can enjoy music in a reduced volume that is safer for your ears as well. Enjoy the sound of classical music, or rock and roll music with these great headphones that are definitely worth a buy.

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Crossfade has done the headphone industry proud, with its award winning signature sound that is available in the wireless mode via Bluetooth technology and wired mode.12 Hours of continuous music along with built in microphone makes it convenient to receive calls on the move. The headphone also has some of the best noise isolation features with Dual-diaphragm 50mm driver which makes music a pleasure.

Lyx Pro HAS-30 Recording Headphones for Professional Studio

What makes this headphone one of the best is their Comfortable ear-cups offering endless hours of listening without any kind of tediousness. Its foldable design also provides simple portability with 180 degree rotating ear cups. You should definitely opt for his headphone for a great sound experience.

Shure SRH240A Professional Quality Noise Isolation Headphones

These headphones are designed for supreme sound quality and comfort. They are durable and sturdy with Deep bass with clear mids and highs. The portable design offers high durability and they are easy to use as well. You should definitely check out this headphone for a great experience.

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Professional Noise Isolation Studio Headphones

The best quality about this headphone is the great noise isolation feature with detachable cable and great comfort and durability. The 45mm Neodymium drivers with copper-clad aluminum voice coils enhance the overall performance of the headphone. This headphone is compatible with all devices like laptops, desktops, Smartphone, MP3 players and others.

You can also try out the Monoprice headphones which are some of the best quality headphones offered by Monoprice which is an American online retailer. Choose from some of the best affordable and high quality headphones available in various types. What makes Monoprice one of the best gaming headphones is its affordable price with compact features, backed by a 30 days money back guarantee.

Monoprice Hi-Fi Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

This headphone comes with the best sound and is designed for comfort and elegance. Its Active noise reduction technology can reduce the noise outside. The headphone is easy to wear, durable and comfortable and its 40mm Neodymium drivers provide great and full range of music. The headphone with its long battery life and good compatibility is the best of the lot.

Monoprice Sonic Solace Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

This premium quality headphone comprises of 2 woofers and two tweeters and has a great audio quality. The detachable cable along with thick and comfortable ear pads makes it a must buy. These headphones can also be worn over the cap

Monoprice Hi Fi Lightweight Solid Bass Clear and Articulate Acoustic on Ear Headphones

This lightweight headphone which weighs just 4.5 ounces offers great sound quality. The noise isolation technology along with inline controllers has a play and pause button as well.

Monoprice 8323 Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphone

This set of headphone is comfortable and durable for wearing for hours. They are rugged for rough use as well. The headphones comprise of 50 mm drivers and 100 dB sensitivity for good volume and premium sound clarity.

Apart from the Monoprice headphones you can also try out best wireless headphones for TV that is portable. Wireless headphones for TV have superior and crisp sound quality. These headphones are comfortable enough to be worn for hours and the battery life is pretty impressive as well.