What are IT Support Services?


Technical support

Technology has taken over the world with most operations being done by the use of technological devices such as computers, mobile phones, and machines. Long gone are the days where companies had not technology to develop and grow their products to better reach their consumers. Due to the advancement in technology, technical support is paramount in any organization. Technical support is offered by the company through different platforms and devices some of which include: software, mobile devices, emails, and computers. Every company needs to offer technical support if they want to maintain their consumers and improve their performance.

What is IT Support?

IT support is another name for technical support. By definition, IT support is the service of providing solutions to consumers when they experience a problem with tech which is the product. Tech support is the method by which companies assist their customers through the use of technology. For instance, if a customer purchased a product from a company and have no idea how it functions, they can call the company for tech support. The company will walk the customer through the process of using the product. Most industries usually offer IT support services for free because they believe it is the duty of the company.

Most tech support services can be complex or simple depending on the question by the customer. Whether the tech support being offered is complex or hard, one will still receive the tech solution they need to use their product efficiently. Most people that are involved in IT support help customers through phone calls or emails. There are also different levels of IT support that one can be offered.

Different levels of IT support

Understanding the layers of IT infrastructure can be difficult for any person who is not conversant with the IT world. In simple terms, there are three main components of IT infrastructure, and these are:

  • Hardware: it consists of servers, hubs, routers, data centers, computers, switches, and hubs.
  • Network: it consists of security, firewall, internet, and network component.
  • Software: it consists of ERP, CRM, OS, and other applications.

There are three main levels of IT support services. The success of the tech support offered is reliant on how knowledgeable the technical support staff is of their responsibility and their level. For the technical support staff to assist, they have to be knowledgeable of what their level requires and the tech solutions for different problems at that level. These levels usually vary in each business because the services provided cannot be the same for each level. Listed below are the levels.

Level one

This is the service desk level, and it involves taking calls or replying to emails from customers. In this level, the tech solutions are simple and can be relayed with an email or with a phone.

Level two

This level is used when the problem cannot be fixed on the first level. The technical support in this level must be knowledgeable of the company’s hardware and operating systems to help. Technical advice is issued to level one on how to resolve the matter. This can also be done remotely like level one.

Level three

In level three the technical support staff has full access to the company’s server and hardware and can help a problem that was not resolved in level two. It is at this stage that the problem is finally resolved. At times it may need the customer to come in with the product for a closer look if helping remotely did not work.


It is common to find a level 1 technician being able to perform level two and three work. In the end, the goal is to offer tech solutions for tech problems.