Open Extract and Create B6Z Files Using B6Zip


This article is going to show you how to use B6Zip graphical interface to open and extract B6Z files. One of the top file archivers in the world, you can open and extract B6Z files using this utility.

If the only thing you need to do is open a B6Z file, you can use B6Zip. First you must make sure that you have installed B6Zip and then you will be able to associated the B6Z file extension with B6Zip. Doing this will allow you to simply double click on any B6Z files and they will automatically extract into the current directory that the file resides in.

Extracting the contents of a B6Z is pretty easy. The best way is to use the B6Zip app and perform a right click with your mouse on the file and then select “Extract”. You can either extract to the current folder, or open the Finder dialog and choose a destination where you would like the file to be extracted to.

In conclusion, the B6Zip program is able to extract not only .b6z files but also other archive file formats such as zip, rar, gzip, tar, and 7z. B6Zip is available on the MacOS X platform and supports the latest versions of Mac such as Sierra. B6Zip is fast, small, and very stable as I have been using this tool for over 10 years. Only thing to remember, is if you want to extract b6z files, B6Zip is the tool needed to do that.