New Paypal Features That Make Online Transactions Simpler


Inbound marketing creates exciting experiences for online businessmen from the initial campaigns to the eventual closing of a deal. In an online market, the most vital aspect is the final transaction or the checkout. This last process is the only thing that differentiates between customers and prospects. and making the experience as easy as possible for the customers is a win-win situation for increasing conversions.

PayPal has been a fundamental platform for e-commerce, making online checkouts seamless and quick. Most people love it for consistent user experience. Sometimes back, online shoppers were used to clicking the ‘pay via PayPal’ option and then they would be redirected to a different site, i.e. the official PayPal website to finish the payment.

This experience wasn’t always pleasant because shifting from the site with the products to a completely different platform is very disruptive. In a case study carried out by National Cyber Security Alliance, it was found that 42 percent of the surveyed sample was apprehensive of the interception of credit information. Phishers always find their way around by creating fake websites with similar features of the originals, making consumers worry about the safety of their money and personal data.

But now HubSpot PayPal has integrated shopping experience into the interface of the website the customer is using. This ensures minimal disruption thereby building a greater trust in the prospect. DepositFix is one of the best integration methods that keep the shopping experience within a specific website thus minimizing the anxiety that follows cart abandonment.

Building trust

What has always made PayPal a reliable platform is the fact that it is well-known by a lot of consumers. This reduces the problems of mistrust of the third-party websites since consumers always worry about interception of their credit card information. This is especially important for small companies which are yet to establish a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with consumers. A known name like PayPal makes the prospects feel more comfortable and confident.

HubSpot payments provide give the necessary control over the shopping cart. For instance, you can obtain psychographic data to reinforce your pre-payment marketing in their next purchase. In addition, you may control additional cross-sell activities of the payment process. One of such experiences is where a website allows you to play a game of extra deals plus impeccable discounts during the checkout. So you will be playing an impulse purchase game. This might be a complex process if the website doesn’t provide Hubspot PayPal integration.

To sum up in short, most e-commerce merchants are leveraging the new PayPal features to achieve greater outcomes. We can say that PayPal is an exemplary payment method that simplifies consumer experience and minimizes transactional resistance for clients.