Is Vaping Truly the Next Big Thing?


Every so often, the world gets a refreshing upgrade in culture. Fads fade in and out of popularity, styles that were once must-haves are now forgotten. Trends are no new thing to society, and as smoking burns out into yet another fad that’s losing steam, vaping swoops in to take the title. Today, portable vaporizers, like vape pens, are what cigarettes were back in the day–fashionable, sleek, and totally attractive. They have a much more glamorous appeal, making them a classy staple to any ensemble.

Vape culture has truly evolved from its humble beginnings in China, and its slight pick-up rate in the United States. It has since boomed into an entire industry filled with passionate vapers, no matter what vapor pen they use. Step into a vape shop (see VaporPlants) and see the thriving community for yourself, or attend one of the annual vape competitions held in the United States. What you will see is an abundance of knowledge and enthusiasm, all shared between people chucking huge clouds as they speak. Showing off your latest contraption or your favorite coils in these places takes center stage, and building those coils, trying juices, and new RDAs are common hobbies among vaping friends.

With the ability to customize almost everything from size, color, shape, slenderness, tanks, batteries, boxes and tubes, and the materials they are made from, people now take the time to really find what suits their personalities and matches their looks. Vaping has transcended its original state of being a smoking cessation aid or a fun hobby into a full blown fashion trend.  Not as much can be said for cannabis vaporizers. What was once reserved for users a marijuana vaporizer or desktop vaporizer, along with other types of vaporizers for weed is now for the public use of nicotine consumption. Owning a sleek box mod, vaporizer pen, or a carefully hand built tube mod is the next best thing to a fresh, new outfit, and those who vape will be the first to notice.

The world of vaping has even extended far into the world of Hollywood, touching the lives of many actors and actresses, singers, and those of general celebrity status with household names. While it may be for the potential health benefits involved with vaping, it can be speculated that many of these celebrities switched to vaping because not only does it look cooler than smoking, it helps promote a better image because of its current cool factor. It is hard not to jump on a trend that will improve your public image.

The trends don’t stop there. Vaping has created its own separate industry, one that is growing more prosperous as the days wear on. It is one of the fastest growing industries and has even begun to regulate itself. Each year the industry has increasing sales as more people jump the smoking ship, so you can certainly see the monetary and visual trends for yourself.

Vaping started as a small, niche way to quit smoking cigarettes and has since become one of the most stylish lifestyles and hobbies around. Garnering celebrity attention, a huge industry, and impeccable style, it is safe to say that vaping is the hottest trend around!