Things to know before installing a Data cable? By Data Cabling Delray Beach

Computer Network

When you want to create a network in an office, you have to evaluate in detail what the company’s needs are. It is not enough to call our computer cousin to help us buy four cables and start the network. Sometimes a lack of planning can lead to situations that we had not anticipated, such as our network is not scalable.

It is always necessary to go to a professional in computer networks to carry out an installation as it should. Even so, what is the first thing we should consider before starting our network? Let’s see it step by step.

Step # 1: What do I want to have a network for?

It may seem an obvious question, but it is extremely important. A network of computer equipment in the company can serve several types of purposes: file sharing, Internet connection via Wi-Fi, installation of a network of printers, centralization of data…

We must take into account what is the priority for our network to be effective, because if a high volume of work is not adequate (for example in a copy shop with several photocopying machines) it can consume a lot of bandwidth and make you lose performance.

Step # 2: What kind of network do I need?

I refer to the articles we have already written on this subject, explaining each of the computer networks (networks according to their topology and according to their scope). It is important to adapt the network to the number of nodes, network speed and the ease / difficulty with which we want to add new equipment.

Step # 3: What do I need to buy?

Depending on the type of connection, we will need more or less meters of UTP twisted pair cable with its RJ-45 connectors. We can assemble the cable or order them from a specialized company to give us the cable to measure. If it is a wireless or Wi-Fi network, which can be combined with the data cabling network, you simply have to buy an appropriate router (in many cases, they already give us the Internet service for companies that we have hired).

It will also be necessary for the equipment to have an Ethernet network card. The computers that we usually buy already have it integrated in their motherboard. If we are going to buy a new one, it is essential that it is compatible with your computer.

Step # 4: What element does the building need?

Cable networks do not only consist of cables, connectors and computers. In most installations in buildings, there are other important elements, such as the telecommunications rack, the patch panels where all the ports are located and the cables are connected, as well as the rosettes that we will place in each room (for example, one in the boss’s office and others distributed in the rest of the office).

Step # 5: How long it will take

The installation of a network can be a matter of one day, several days or weeks depending on its complexity. The important thing is to keep in mind that while it is installed obviously the network will not be in operation yet. If the place is already open to the public, you should have taken advantage of a Wifi alternative to connect to the Internet and work in the meantime.

Step # 6: How cable distribution is going to be done

If it is going to be a structured cable network, it is not also essential to know how the cables will be distributed so that they do not obstruct the passage, nor are they visible. In many businesses and offices in Madrid there is a false ceiling, which is quite comfortable. Another option, for example in schools and universities, is to create a platform or false floor where the cables will go.

As you can see, Data cabling is a complex task that requires the work of technical professionals to do a good job. What other aspects do you consider important in a data cabling network? You can always visit our website: for more technical details. If you liked this article, share it on your Facebook.