Eight tips to buy a used cell phone

Cell Phone

Dear reader, cannot you buy a cell phone with the latest technology and totally new? Many times the web is used to know if someone is offering a team. Follow these eight tips so you can Buy Used iPhone without problems.

Follow these recommendations to buy a used cell phone:

  1. Why is it for sale? It is important to confirm the reason why the owner offers his cell phone for sale, warning of possible device failures.
  2. Authenticity. It is good to be alert so that we do not get low performance replicas instead of the original brand. There are tutorials on the Internet that allow you to recognize them.
  3. Antiquity. As much as possible, ask for the sales receipt or equipment invoice. If the current owner does not have it at hand, it is advisable to ask the seller about the age of the cell phone and physically check the equipment to determine performance and fluidity.
  4. Price comparison It is important, taking into account the age of the team, to validate that the price at which they offer it is competitive, compared to the offer of local stores and other notices of pages such as OLX.
  5. Accessories. In order to be able to define if the cellular equipment that is going away to buy has a suitable price, it is necessary to validate if it is sold with accessories and if they are original or not, and if they work without problems.
  6. Condition. Is the device released, rooted, or have ROMs installed that are not owned by the original manufacturer? In those cases, it is recommended not to buy the equipment.
  7. Equipment test. This recommendation is one of the most important. You have to review the cell phone detail, determining blows to the housing, clarity of the camera, adequate response of the touch screen, battery status, among other aspects.
  8. In view of everyone. It is always advisable to make the purchase / sale day and in a public place, where there is good attendance of people and, if possible, security cameras.
What else should be taken into account?

How to acquire a cell phone and not waste time or money in the attempt? While there is a wide range of reliable equipment and vendors on the Internet, it is important to take some steps to make a successful purchase. “It is important, before embarking on the search for the ideal team, to define aspects such as the budget to invest, the use that will be given, the preferred design and the necessary physical and technical specifications,” says Jaime Macaya, Latin America’s expansion manager OLX.